Hi, I'm F-Alan.  Way back in 1990 I decided to become a photographer.  Detroit Studio Photography has long had my fascination since working in a photo lab at age 17.  During my first photo shoot ever, at the age of 18, I took photos of my two nephews while their parents held a blanket behind them.  
Between then and 2018, I have grown and amassed a huge clientele that peaked over 1500 clients per year.  I have since reduced the massive amount of clientele in order to concentrate on a more discerning type of clientele.  Whether it is personal photography, small business or commercial.  I can work with you in creating the perfect images for your goals.  Want to talk more? Press the contact button.  Let's shoot.

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I'am F-Alan. The professional photographer for the Metropolitan Detroit entrepreneur, small business owner & social media influencer.  After over 29 years of helping businesses with print advertising needs, I have now turned my attention to help everyone who wants to improve upon their professional imagery. 


The first step is getting your professional headshot.  I specialize in "power headshots".  You and I, together, will create headshots that will uplift your brand, social profiles, business and professionalism. 


Let everyone know you are a professional and serious about your business, influence, or career.