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Detroit,Children, Caronavirus and Riots

As the early fireworks start, the gunshot sounds of 4th of July are misunderstood, in the month of May, to 7-year-old Gabrielle. Already shook at the notion, “going outside can possibly bring coronavirus home”, these sounds are unsettling. It has me watching the world through her eyes for a moment.

Since March 23, 2020, Gabrielle has seen the world only through my eyes as I go out for food, fire, water to keep stocked in our home. She is “tired of coronavirus” and cannot wait until it's over. I engage "TikTok" with her, she has picked up making ‘Paper Squishies', and I noticed she figured out how to make a youtube channel. (thank god it's connected to my account).

From what I can tell, Gabrielle wants is a sense of normalcy. The walls are closing in on her. She understands what “Big Gretch” is doing, even though she has never heard of Governor Whitmer. Together, we will find a balance in the new normal to keep her safe and engage all of her learning and play senses.

Now with riots popping up all over the country at once over police killings, (an issue that she will not understand for years), I can’t help but look at this photo of Gabrielle and think, ‘they are watching us’. We want to show them (the chlidren) our strength, both in action and restraint. We want to show them our resolve as well as our intelligence. We want to be there for them, while giving them the comfort and confidence of knowing, without fail, that we will die for them if need be. Finally, we want to make sure our neighborhoods are not burned to the ground because “We Mad Mad”.

We should be fortifying our homes, then neighbors, then neighborhoods, then local businesses. Not destroying things that are in walking distance.

Think about it, rioting the wrong way is like the United States going to war with another country and its first act is blowing up US cities. That sounds stupid as hell.

I pray that our leaders find a way to answer the calls, charges, and frustration that has gone callused for far too long. I too am disgusted beyond measure by the recent acts of Amy Cooper, Derek Chauvin, The McMichael assholes and many more. I feel for their family’s and my heart aches every time I look at Gabrielle and think of the state of our country. But I’ll be damned if I burn down my own house. As much as I understand the pain, I cannot.

I ask, for the sake of all the children, that will bear the punishment or reward for our actions; If your city is still standing, let it stand. If your city is burning, don’t let that be the legacy, build up and fortify your family. We owe them this world, otherwise, we would not have brought them into it to have it.


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